“Do it because they said you couldn’t.”

We love stories of personal transformation despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They’re testimonials to what being a Rugged Maniac is all about, and Steve Scutt from South Carolina has blown us away with what he has accomplished.

5 Reasons to Get Rugged with Your Coworkers

1. Regular company outings are boring

Kick things up a notch with a day filled with teamwork, challenge, and unrivaled fun. There’s mud, music and beer – not to mention  Dave from accounting letting out a victory cry as he shoots down a giant water slide toward the finish line. Can your company picnic top that?

Stroke Survivor Tackles Rugged Maniac

Tragedy can strike at any moment, to anyone, without warning. No matter how physically strong or mentally tough you are, life has a way of testing you to see what you’re made of. How you respond in the face of that adversity can define who you are. Sometimes we come across a story of someone who personifies strength and what it means to be a Rugged Maniac, and Maniac Shannon Huff fits the bill – and then some. This is her story.