Rugged Maniac 2020 Gift Guide

The holidays have arrived, which means it’s time to start tackling your shopping list! Finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming, so we put together this handy, Maniac-approved gift guide. We hope it helps you feel a little more merry and bright this holiday season!

Fall Foods to Fuel Your Workouts

Colorful, crunchy leaves, brisk weather and pumpkin everything can only point to one thing — we’re in the thick of fall! And the changing of the seasons means it’s time for cozy, warming foods to shine.  While many of our favorite fall foods are delicious, they can often be unhealthy (apple cider doughnuts and pumpkin spice lattes anyone?). However, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate all of the flavors of fall into healthy meals that support your fitness …

5 Tips for Post-Workout Recovery

Everyone knows sore, tired muscles are often unavoidable after a tough workout (we’re looking at you, Virtual Fitness Challenge Maniacs!). It’s a sign that you worked hard and are getting stronger. Though you may want to keep pushing yourself, it’s important to recognize the need for rest and recovery — and where to draw the line in order to avoid injury.

How to Stay Motivated While Staying Home

With varying levels of stay-at-home orders still in place for much of the country, many of us are trying to find ways to stay motivated while staying home. Spending so much time indoors with little change from day-to-day can be draining, so it’s important to prioritize both physical and mental health during this time. Here are some tips to help keep you moving.

Cheers to the Slow Runners

Rugged Maniac is a ton of fun for people of all fitness levels, from couch potatoes to elite athletes, but make no mistake: Most of us aren’t going to break a record or stand on the podium at an event this year. Maybe it’s because we didn’t train as hard as we wanted or perhaps we’re just not that into the whole competitive nature of races. Whatever your reason, one thing’s for certain: Slow runners know how to have fun!

There are plenty of reasons to proudly claim the title of “slow runner” at your upcoming race, and below are a few of our favorite reasons why you should be proud of taking your time!

Going slow means…

Trading the Drive-Thru for a New Lease on Life

Two years ago Andrea Fowler was 259 pounds and fed up. She was fed up with her weight, fed up with her unhealthy lifestyle, and determined to make a change. “I wanted to finally feel good about myself and become healthy,” she said.

A Tale of Rugged Perseverance: US Marine Veteran Receives Double Arm Transplant

Sergeant John Peck of the US Marine Corps has been through hell.

While serving in Iraq in 2007, a roadside bomb detonated under his vehicle, tossing him high into the air and onto his head on top of the gunner’s seat, resulting in a traumatic brain injury that left him with memory loss and problems with vision, balance and hearing.

How Rugged Maniac Saved My Life

Sometimes we receive an email that truly puts life into perspective. This happened recently, when Billy was brave enough to tell us his story about his battle with depression, and reminded us how fragile, complicated and beautiful life truly is. Below is his story.

“Do it because they said you couldn’t.”

We love stories of personal transformation despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They’re testimonials to what being a Rugged Maniac is all about, and Steve Scutt from South Carolina has blown us away with what he has accomplished.

5 Reasons to Get Rugged with Your Coworkers

1. Regular company outings are boring

Kick things up a notch with a day filled with teamwork, challenge, and unrivaled fun. There’s mud, music and beer – not to mention  Dave from accounting letting out a victory cry as he shoots down a giant water slide toward the finish line. Can your company picnic top that?